Writing Specialist Services

Will Talk about Writing for Food

What I could do in one of your classes …

  • talk about how to approach reading assignments, through dual-entry notetaking, for instance (~10-30 minutes)
  • explore how to turn a topic into a research question and/or thesis statement (~20-30 minutes)
  • raise questions about an assignment as you introduce it. I'm outside the instructor's head, too, and I can raise the "dumb questions" that students may be too shy to voice. (~5-15 minutes)
  • practice paraphrasing vs. quoting with the class as part of a discussion about honest use of sources (~20-30 minutes)
  • introduce Prezi as an organizing tool (~10-20 minutes)
  • show students how to gloss or reverse-outline a draft (~20 minutes)
  • praise and critique anonymous selections from student papers, i.e., collective commenting (~15-20 minutes)
  • model/lead peer review (~15-45 minutes)
  • teach the paramedic method, with or without Richard Lanham's Revising Prose video (~20-40 minutes)
  • join a discussion board/blog conversation about writing (0 class time)
  • "review" a discreet grammar point (~10 minutes)

Let me develop a presentation that your students can apply immediately to an assignment in progress. No one wants to listen to a generic presentation about writing. I'm happy to customize something to your students' needs.

What I could do with/for you …

  • track down a model assignment, rubric, peer review form, etc.
  • do a post-mortem on an assignment, handout, etc.
  • serve as a second reader on a student paper
  • give feedback about your comments on student writing
  • discuss and/or edit a piece of your writing for publication or presentation
  • find venues for your scholarship about writing in your discipline

What I can do for individual students…

  • meet them in an individual session during my few, regular hours at the LRC
  • talk about personal statements and/or graduate school applications
  • work on ESL issues during my regular LRC hours or by appointment
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