Writing Across The Curriculum

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Marymount's Writing Program Resources

Visit the MU writing program wiki site for composition resources.

Writing Intensive Materials at Marymount

An Introduction to Writing Across the Curriculum

This guide offers information about WAC – writing across the curriculum.

GMU: Writing across the Curriculum

The resources provided on these pages are here to support you in your efforts to teach effectively with writing so that your students will achieve the learning and writing goals you set for them.

WAC at Northern Illinois University

This site has a great repository of activities, assignments, workshops, and other disciplinary-specific resources for WAC instructors.

Welcome to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Welcome to the Purdue OWL. We offer over 200 free resources including Writing and Teaching Writing, Research, Grammar and Mechanics, Style Guides, ESL (English as a Second Language), and Job Search and Professional Writing.

Sequenced Microthemes: A Great Deal of Thinking for Your Students, and Relatively Little Grading for You

The microtheme, the Swiss Army knife of assignments, can be put to many uses, and is merely a short 100–500 word essay in which a great deal of thinking precedes a rather small amount of writing. In addition to requiring less time for you to read—and I can grade and comment upon twenty-five microthemes in about two hours—microthemes force an admirable economy on your students by forcing them to distinguish between the important and incidental, and to choose the former.

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