WI Assignments

We have a separate handout on designing assignments, but here are some initial suggestions.

  • Frontload.

Time spent designing assignments and rubrics well reduces time spent clarifying and giving repetitious feedback later.

  • Write down assignments and post them to Blackboard.

This prevents “hearsay” errors and helps helpers (such as LRC tutors) keep writers on track.

  • Specify the writer’s audience and purpose for each writing task.

Consider adding a real or imagined audience beyond the professor and/or classmates.

  • Tailor the genre to your goals.

You want reflection? Try a journal.
You want application of learning? Have students write predictions.
You want students to identify the key questions in the field?
Ask them to write the test before they write the answers.

  • Motivate students by sharing your learning goals for the assignment.
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