What Else Can I Order and How Do I Operate It?

How Do I Order?

The following tools can be ordered from ITS via an online request form. You can order standing equipment requests for your room as well as requests for individuated meeting needs.

What Can I Order?

Document Camera

A modern overhead projector, the document camera works with the projector in a smart classroom to project an image of whatever is placed under the camera's lens. You can project, on a flat surface, student work, open books, three-dimensional objects, and more. The document camera projects in color.


Marymount has a small number of smartboards that you can use like a whiteboard - but better, because what you write is saved to a file for later use or uploading to blackboard.

CD/DVD Player

You can request free-standing CD players, DVD players, and cassette players, alone or in conjunction with a TV. However, each Dell PC workstation in a smart room comes equipped with a CD/DVD drive, which you can use to play CDs and, in conjunction with the projector, DVDs. Make sure the audio projection quality is acceptable for your purposes!


A VCR can be requested for playing VHS tapes on a television.


If you are not teaching in a smart room but would like to project material from a website, from blackboard, from an electronic document, and so on, you can request a projector, projection screen, and laptop combination.

Projection Screen


As above. Most schools also have laptops for faculty use outside of the classroom—to use on conference and research trips, for instance.

Slide Projector

If you want to kick it old school and hate Powerpoint, order a slide projector to project your images. Be sure you have a projection screen.

Video Camera

You can request a video camera for use in the classroom, for project needs, or for recording your classes.

Audio Tape or Digital Recorder

Record notes, record an audio file of your classroom for uploading to blackboard or podcasting, or other purposes.


If you need to project your voice in a large space, you can order a variety of microphone systems to do so.

Portable PA

Flip Charts and Easels

Overhead Projector

If there's not one already in your room, or if you really want to use transparencies instead of a document camera.

Need or Want Something Else?

Do you need something not here, or would you like Marymount to purchase more instances of these technologies? Use the ITS request form.

More Tips & Tricks for Using Classroom Technologies

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