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Why Assign Writing?

"Reasons to Write in a Content Class" (Ferris State University)


thanks to MU's Susan Fay for UMW links

Literary Online Journals course

Digital Storytelling course

Whitman College multi-campus course

Other UMW courses using blogs

Also see Readings about Writing and Teaching Writing page.

Classroom Aids

Templates for Rhetorical Moves in an Academic Paper, drawn from Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, They Say, I Say: The Moves That Matter In Academic Writing (New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2006) by the University of Washington Writing Center.

Consent Forms

Consent Form to Use Freshman Writing (MU--DSC 101)

Student Writing Permission Form (Purdue University)

Consent Form for Use of Student Writing—does not (yet) make clear student's right to refuse

Consent Form to Gather/Use Model Papers, etc. (Kansas University)

Sample Interview Consent Forms for Students Working on a Class Project (Bard College)

ESL (L2, L1.5) Writers

Also see Web sites for students,ESL section.
Also see Readings about Writing and Teaching Writing page.

Feedback and Grading (and Time Management)

"In Socrates' Wake: The Merits of Collective Feedback," blog. Instructor read through papers and developed collective comments based on the quarter he read carefully.


"Hit Parade of Errors in Grammar, Punctuation, and Style" (University of Toronto). Includes faulty agreement, comma splices, and more!

Motivating Student Writers

Interviews with writers, including Mynabirds band leader Laura Burrhen, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan, Murder by Death lead singer Adam Turla, and Esquire magazine contributing editor Luke Dittrich. Benjamin Opipari, a lit and language PhD turned law firm writing instructor, interviews writers about their craft.

Peer Review

Richard Chisholm, "Introducing Students to Peer Review of Writing". Last page is worksheet for peer review in four areas: 1) identify values in the paper, 2) describe the paper, 3) ask questions about the paper, and 4) suggest points to revise.

"Peer Feedback", (University of Texas at Austin). Excellent summary. Also says peer review does not violate FERPA (even peer grading, according to the Supreme Court).

Also see peer review links from WI workshop


"Oops, I Plagiarized," UCLA's online unit on citing and documenting sources. This student-friendly site has other units on intellectual property, file sharing, and the like.

Resume/CV Advice for Advisees

Purdue OWL (online writing lab) has a dedicated section on workplace writing

Boston College highlights the difference between a resume and CV and has pages devoted to each

Universal Course Design (what's good for one might be good for all)

Steve Kolowich, "For One, for All," Inside Higher Ed. If assisted note taking benefits a student with a learning disability, how might collaborative note taking help the whole class?

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