TRS 420 Term Paper Peer Review

**Kathleen Garces-Foley

TRS 420 Spirituality and Emerging Adulthood:
Research Project Term Paper
Peer Review**

To the Author:

Please assist your readers in giving you the kind of feedback you need at this stage in your writing process. What, specifically, do you want feedback on? Please write two questions below which you'd like your readers to answer after reading your paper.

To the READER:

Does the paper meet requirements of the assignment?
Sources (List #) Type of sources (List type, e.g. primary sources, etc. ) Cited correctly in Bibliography

Length (words/pages) _Paper Formatting Field Observations Reports Affixed ___ Interview Reports Affixed


Does the paper open smoothly (e.g. with a series of rhetorical questions, compelling short story, shocking statistic) and in a way that makes you want to read more? If yes, what do you find especially effective? If not, suggest a way this author could start the paper.

What is the thesis of the paper?

Do you find this claim to be clear? Interesting? Innovative? What needs work?

Does the introduction preview the main points of the paper? (YES NO) If not, would that strengthen the paper?

Organization & Development

Is there at least one paragraph break on each page? (YES NO)

Are there any paragraphs with two or fewer sentences? (YES NO)

In each paragraph, underline the sentence that seems to present that paragraph’s main idea.

Is the paper well organized? Can you follow it easily? Does the organization make sense in light of the overall argument and preview stated in the introduction? What changes would you suggest? Note specific pages.

Integration of relevant literature

Is the argument situated/analyzed within the general literature on emerging adults and religion we read this semester? Suggestions?

Is the argument situated/analyzed within specialized literature on the specific religious group chosen to study? Suggestions?

Are sources appropriately integrated and cited? Does the paper balance direct quotes and paraphrases? Suggestions?

Integration of research findings

Does the author explain the purpose of the research undertaken clearly? Suggestions?

Does the author adequately describe the research method? Suggestions?

Does the author integrate the research findings into the paper skillfully? Suggestions?


Does the conclusion feel satisfying? Does it answer the question “So what? Why should I care about this?” Does it leave you thinking or simply summarize the ideas in the paper?

Overall Feedback:

What is the best part of the paper? What does the author do really well?

Of all the suggestions what one change do you think is most important for improving the paper?

In the space below, please respond to the author's two questions at the top of the form (if you haven’t already above).

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