TRS 420 Assignment

TRS 420: Spirituality and Emerging Adulthood

Research Project Guidelines

Description: You will study a local religious group that has young adult participation to identify what appeals about this group and what kinds of young adults it attracts. Your final paper will analyze your research findings in the context of existing scholarship on young adults and religion.

Requirements of Project:
Approved research proposal
Extensive literature review of relevant sources integrated into paper
3 field observations written on the Field Observation Report Form
3 interviews described on the Interview Report Form
Completion of the NIH Human Subjects Tutorial

Paper specifications—due April 14th (70 pts)
12-15 pages (3600 words minimum not including citations)
cover sheet with title, double spaced, 1” margins, page numbers, standard citation method
Bibliography with at least 10 books, peer-reviewed journal articles, or survey reports (e.g., Pew).
Affix to your paper:
3 Field Observation Reports
3 Interview Reports

Tips for Success:
• Your research proposal must be accepted by the professor before you can begin. Any substantial changes must be approved (e.g., adding a survey).
• Establish rapport with your group early. Be professional. Assure members of confidentiality.
• Do at least 2 field observations before beginning interviews.
• Gather books and articles early on and keep reading throughout your research.
• Your paper must have both a topic and a thesis—do you know the difference?
• Discuss problems with the professor early on.
• Don’t procrastinate.

Project Due dates:
February 17th, proposal due
February 24th, proposal revisions due
March 17th SRC abstract due to Professor & NIH Tutorial Certificate
March 22nd SRC abstract submitted to ude.tnuomyram|revocsid#ude.tnuomyram|revocsid
April 14th, project due (with affixed reports)
April 14th, 10 minute presentation at SRC
April 21, revised, perfected project due

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