Sfumato Connessione Prompts
Make a double-entry journal

by drawing a vertical line down the middle of the page. On the left, write. Weeks, months, years later, read and write some comments on the right side.

Complete these sentence stems:

A word that describes me is …
My Inner Critic says I’m…
My Inner Wisdom says I’m…
The person I feel closest to is…
I am a person who …
If I had time, I would …
I am grateful for…
(Adams, The Way of the Journal, 16)

Warm up to an activity by making connections:

a frown and an ocean liner
a cow and the Renaissance
an ice cream cone and the human eye
Marymount and the world
(Gelb, HTTLLDV Workbook, 149)

Imagine your family as a body.

Write about who’s the head, who’s the heart, who’s the … What nourishes this body? Is it healthy?
(Gelb, HTTLLDV, 231-232)

Find an observation spot. Watch someone/thing in motion, and sketch quickly, finding the essential lines.

(Gelb, HTTLLDV, 282-283)

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