Sensazione Prompts
Buy three—or more!—kinds of chocolate. Look at them and record your observations. Smell and write about the aromas. Taste, clearing your palate in between with sips of spring water, and describe.

Wine works too.
(Gelb, HTTLLDV Workbook, 61)

Dedicate a day in your journal to each of the five senses.

On smell day, for instance, pay special attention to aromas.

Listen to a piece of lyric-less music and write words.
View an image. Populate it with characters. Tell a story.
Identify sources of inner conflict by a two part exercise.

Open to side-by-side pages in your journal.

On the left, write down a few words about a conflict. Finish the following sentence stems: I think I should… I think I shouldn’t… Other people think I … If I had my way…

Close eyes and center in body. Replay last experience of conflict. Feel it in your body.

On the right, draw an image of the feeling.
{Barbara Ganim & Susan Fox, Visual Journaling: Going Deeper than Words (Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, 1999), 128-129}

Try one of the “One Minute Muse” art journal activities:

• Magazine clip

• Blown ink

• Saran Wrap

• Textured journal cover

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