Overview Prompts
Describe a meal.

(Show, don’t tell—no words like “excellent” or “tasty.”)

Record a dream.
Define a word, either real or invented.

(À la H.L. Mencken: “Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.”)

Compose a new prayer.
Invent something that would improve your life and detail how it works.
Write your obituary. Some specs from professionals:

o Full name of the deceased, including nickname, if any
o Age at death
o Residence (for example, the name of the city) at death
o Day and date of death
o Place of death
o Cause of death
o Date of birth
o Place of birth
o Names of parents
o Childhood: siblings, stories, schools, friends
o Marriage(s): date of, place, name of spouse
o Education: school, college, university and other
o Designations, awards, and other recognition
o Employment: jobs, activities, stories, colleagues, satisfactions, promotions, union activities, frustrations,
o Places of residence
o Hobbies, sports, interests, activities, and other enjoyment
o Charitable, religious, fraternal, political, and other affiliations; positions held
o Achievements
o Disappointments
o Unusual attributes, humour, other stories

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