MUTTS (Marymount University Technology Training Socials)

M.U.T.T.S. (Marymount University Technology Training Socials) is a brief weekly session designed as an easy way for Marymount students, faculty, and staff to learn methods and tools for using the University's computing resources, including online tools, Microsoft Office features, Datatel Colleague, and more! Each session features a presenter from ITS, who will demonstrate a focused topic for twenty or so minutes, followed by time for questions and answers. M.U.T.T.S. is open to all members of the Marymount University community. There will be sessions that are of greater interest to beginners while others will be geared toward more advanced users. However, all are welcome to any session and there will be time for questions at every level. All sessions are held in computer labs, some at St. Joseph and some at Ballston Center.

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