Journaling Workshop

Journal at Work

Session 1: Overview

A few links

1. Michael Gelb’s Web site:

2. Leonardo exhibit at the Franklin Institute, February 5 - May 22:

3. draft of Roger Hiemstra’s “Uses and Benefits of Journal Writing”:

4. “A Goldmine of Journaling Prompts”:

5. “Inspired to Journal”:

6. “Journal for You”:

7. “Writing Intensive Materials at Marymount”:

A few prompts--overview

Session 2: Curiosità: intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning (Gelb, Leonardo, etc.)

100 questions prompt

Session 3: Dimostrazione: experience (Progoff, memoir, etc.)

A few links

1. Michael Gelb’s Leonard birthday message:

2. Progoff’s Intensive Journal Program:

3. “Using Dreams and Imagery to Develop Your Life”:

4. “This I Believe Essay-Writing Guidelines”:

5. Natalie Goldberg’s site:

A few prompts--dimostrazione

There will be some Intensive Journal workshops in our area this spring.

April 1-2 at GMU: e-mail ude.umg|gnirrafm#ude.umg|gnirrafm

May 14-15 in DC: e-mail gro.yelbis|rettopj#gro.yelbis|rettopj

Session 4: Sensazione: refinement of the senses, particularly sight (New, art journaling, digital storytelling)

A few links

1. “One Minute Muse”:

2. “The Art Journal: How to Start Visual Journaling”:

3. Google book, Visual Journaling:

4. American Art Therapy Association:

5. “Art Therapy” blog:

6. blog of Book of Me author Angie Pedersen:

7. “Visual Journaling artists” (ha—an artist places himself among the great):

A few prompts--sensazione

Session 5: Corporalita and Arte/Scienza: mind-body and left-right brain (Cameron, creativity, etc.)

A few links

1. Tony Buzan mind mapping video:

2. Stephen Pierce, on mind mapping for reading video:

3. Mind map of How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci:

4. University of Arizona library mind mapping tutorial for research:

5. Artist’s Way Web site:

6. “The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique”:

A few prompts--arte/scienza & corporality

Session 6: Sfumato and Connessione: appreciation for ambiguity and recognition of connections (Adams, healing, etc.)

A few links

1. Center for Journal Therapy (Kay Adams):

2. Kay Adams radio interviews (listen):

3. Center for Autobiographic Studies (Tristine Rainer):

4. Peer Spirit (Christina Baldwin):

5. James Pennebaker article in Literature and Medicine 19.1, “Telling Stories: The Health Benefits of Narrative”:

6. Decision Journal (business angle, but it transfers):
7. Writing through Life blog (with prompts):

8. An everyday journal writer walks you through her journal collection and considers the qualities of the notebook:

A few prompts--sfumato and connessione
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