ITS Training

ITS Screencasts

Don't have time to come to training? Now you can enjoy Marymount IT training from the convenience of your office or home. Our series of short screencasts will give you brief overviews of new technologies and show you how to perform specific tasks. Each screencast is simply a short video of a computer screen with a voice explanation of what is happening.

ITS Training Seminars

IT Services Training seminars provide all current Marymount University students, faculty, and staff with the necessary tools to use computers and computer applications including basic computer usage, Microsoft Office, and multimedia applications. Computer Training Seminars occur in the E-Learning Center, the Computer Labs located at St. Joseph Hall (Main Campus), and the Computer Labs located at Ballston Center (4th floor). Registration is recommended. You can register for both multimedia applications seminars ans Office seminars by calling ITS at 703.526.6990 (x6990). You can also register for Microsoft Office seminars electronically, by visiting the schedule and selecting the seminar you're interested in.

ITS Training Calendar

ITS is developing a calendar for all training seminars scheduled to take place on campus; you can log into the calendar with your MU email ID and password. Here, you can view upcoming seminars and register for them electronically.

Microsoft Office Training Seminars (call to register or register electronically)

Microsoft Office Training Handouts

Other Technology Training Options

E-Learning Classroom Orientation Videos

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