HRM 335 Pre Writing Assignment
Analytic Memo (Non-Graded Assignment) for UNDERGRADUATES

Used this as a pre-writing assignment in class before their submission

Name _

You are planning to intern as a research analyst in the EEOC office. Your boss, Stephanie, wants you to write a one-page paper (on the reverse of this handout) on three pros and three cons of affirmative action as a preliminary test whether you can work in the office. She asks you to include any important cases and any other relevant information on affirmative action. They also want to see whether you can use the APA method citation correctly; so please use any of the following names in APA format.

 James Ryerson (2010). The Pros of Affirmative Action. Journal of Business, 45(100), 90-100.
 Pramila Rao (2008). Why is affirmative action so debatable? Journal of EEOC policy, 32, (3), 3-6.
 Catherine England (2009). The Cons of Affirmative Action. Journal of Marymount, 32(3), 34-40.

~Pramila Rao, spring 2010

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