HRM 335 Debate Research Report Grading Criteria

HRM 335 (Human Resource Management)
Debate Research Report Grading Criteria: Total Grade: 30 points (for UNDERGRADUATES)


 Due on the day of the debate
 No late submissions accepted
 All the sections should be clearly identified with sub-headings

The 3 full page research report should include:

 Historical Perspective of topic (5 points)
 Pros and Cons of debate prompt (10 points)
 Important cases/events related to topic (5 points)

 Times New Roman, Font size 12; 1.5 line spacing; pages numbered; grammar, syntax (5 points)
 References (references not included as part of the 3 page report ) in alphabetical order; At least 4 references from the list provided in the syllabus ; APA Style of citation in the report and for references (5 points)

~Pramila Rao, spring 2010

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