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Grammar and Human Resource Management: poem by Pramila Rao

A faculty of human resource management (HRM) am I,
Connecting the eight parts of speech and HRM, oh my,
It is quite a challenge I completely agree,
But from this imaginative poem we shall see,
Supervisors are like nouns, they like to lead,
Employees are like verbs, something to heed,
Pay and benefits like adjectives make the nouns smile,
Adverbs like HRM practices make the verbs more worthwhile,
Pronouns are new employees that replace the nouns,
Prepositions are connections to new business towns,
Conjunctions like culture bring the noun and verbs together,
Interjections like best practices are the firms’ finest feathers!
The famous Fortune 100 companies of the world we know,
Make their nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs truly glow,
Pronouns and prepositions carry their firms to diverse corners of the globe,
Of course, with their nouns and verbs donning some kind of a cultural robe,
Two completely different topics this poem tries to rhyme,
To fully grasp, please read this poem one more time.

(inspired by a Grammar Girl contest)

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