FA370 Term Paper Step 5

FA370 Nineteenth-Century Art
Fall 2010

Step 6: Final Essay DUE: xx 40% of paper grade

The final essay is a full revision of the first draft. It must carefully consider the editorial comments, incorporating changes wherever necessary. Those students who did exemplary work on the first draft will probably have less to do; if, however, your essay was insufficiently researched, or its ideas not fully thought through, you may have quite a chore in the coming weeks.

Remember that the essay should fully investigate a particular aspect of your work of art; it should be driven by a thesis that is clearly articulated in the introduction. The work of art in the NGA remains your primary focus, though you may find that you need to discuss other works of art to make your point.

The final essay should follow the guidelines from the first draft, from the instructions on content to the rules for formatting the essay. Refer to that handout for a full explanation of these guidelines.
2. 8-10 PAGES OF TEXT, not including the cover sheet or the other documentary materials.
3. Proper CITATION of focused, scholarly sources in footnotes, following the Chicago/Turabian Style guidelines
4. A BIBLIOGRAPHY, again following the Chicago/Turabian Style guidelines, listing all the focused, scholarly sources you used in researching your essay.
5. ILLUSTRATIONS, numbered, clearly cited in the document, and fully labeled in a caption.
6. NO vinyl covers.

You must turn in a hard copy of your paper on the due date, and also include with the draft with the professor’s comments. You must ALSO email a copy of the final paper to the professor by the end of that same day. This second copy will be used to check for plagiarism; it will also be used anonymously to to assess Marymount University’s Liberal Arts Core curriculum.

NOTE: Final papers will only be accepted if all preliminary steps have been completed.
Papers that do not meet these minimum requirements, or that are submitted incomplete, will be given an F and returned to the student unread.

Again, plagiarism will not be tolerated, and will result in an F for the entire assignment.

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