FA370 Term Paper Overview

FA370 Nineteenth-Century Art
Fall 2010

Term Paper Project: Overview

The major writing project for this term is a 8-10 page investigation of a single work of European art in the National Gallery of Art, created during the period covered by this class (c.1780 to c.1900), and approved by the professor. The essay must be thesis-driven: rather than discussing all aspects of the painting, you must focus on a single issue raised by the subject matter, historical context, materials, style, etc.

Here are a few examples:
• David’s Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries as a symbol of imperial power
• Van Gogh’s early works: Flower Beds in Holland
• Romantic themes in Friedrich’s Northern Landscape, Spring
• Drinking with Toulouse-Lautrec in A Corner of the Moulin de la Galette
• Nationalism and Patriotism in Bonnard’s Paris, Rue de Parme on Bastille Day

You must come up with your own thesis topic; however, you may consult with the professor as you do so. Don’t worry about it as you start; a topic will present itself as your research progresses and as you consult with your professor.

The paper will be due in a number of steps; each will have a fuller set of directions; all steps must be completed to receive a passing grade on the Term Paper Project.

Step 1: Register Painting DUE: F Sept.10
Choose any work of European art in the National Gallery of Art from c.1780 to c.1900; provide the professor with information identifying the painting. (ungraded)

Step 2: Preliminary Bibliography Exercise DUE: Sept.14-24
Compile four different bibliographies relevant to your painting based on different resources. (20% of the total grade)

Step 3: Thesis & Annotated Bibliography DUE: F Oct.15
Based on your research, submit an annotated bibliography of sources you have read and propose a thesis. Discuss the thesis with your professor to further refine it. (10% of the total grade)

Step 4: Draft Essay** DUE: T Nov.2
Based on your thorough research, draft an 8-10 page investigation of your work of art, focusing on the issue raised by your thesis. This draft must be complete and smooth, only needing further editing. Discuss the draft with the professor. (30% of the total grade)

Step 5: Final Essay** DUE: F Dec.10
Based on comments from your draft and further research where necessary, polish your 8-10 page investigation of your work of art. (40% of the total grade)

NOTE: Draft and Final essays will only be accepted if ALL preliminary steps have been completed.

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