FA370 Term Paper Step 1

FA370 Nineteenth Century Art
Fall 2010

Step 1: Register artist & work of art DUE: Friday, Sept. 10

Choose any work of European Art in the National Gallery of Art from c.1780 to c.1900; a list of possible artists appears on the next page of this assignment.

 Note: the collection of the NGA is enormous, and not every work is on display at any time.

While you are encouraged to research a work you can actually go see, it is not forbidden to focus on a work that is in storage or currently loaned away. All works are listed on the National Gallery website (www.nga.gov → The Collection → Search the Collection)

Once you have chosen a work, email the professor (ude.tnuomyram|wort#ude.tnuomyram|wort) with the following information:
 Full Artist’s Name
 Full Title of Work
 Date of the Work
 Accession Number

All information is listed on the wall label next to the work, and on the NGA website. The accession number, in the format 19XX.XX.XX, is at the bottom of the wall label (below L), and at the end of the work’s title on the NGA website (below R).

I will not allow numerous papers on the same work, so register early and have a back-up plan in place. If you are having trouble choosing a work of art, review your textbook with the NGA website open, using the list of artists on the next page. If you still cannot make up your mind, make an appointment with the professor to discuss possible works of art, but do so well in advance of the due date.

It is highly recommended that you go to the National Gallery of Art and see the works of art in person; it may make choosing one much easier. And the museum is always free; directions and hours of operation are on the museum’s website.

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