Everything Else
  • Hiring a student assistant or a graduate intern [link—faculty development/research]
  • Removing broken classroom furniture [talk to dean; tag for disposal only if seriously damaged; no more storage at Ballston…]
  • Removing computer workstations from classrooms [IT]
  • copy center requests

Ordering Books and Desk Copies

Book orders for the Summer terms are due at the beginning of March; Fall book orders are due in April. To order your books, contact the secretary of your school. In A&S, it's Caitlin Lerch. She will get the book orders in to the Bookstore.

In general it is best to order your desk copies as you turn in your book orders. Desk copies can be ordered throughout the term, but the bookstore is discouraging the use of vouchers in an effort to save our school money. This means that desk copies may take awhile to arrive. If it has been 30 days and you have still not received your copy, see the school secretary for a bookstore voucher. If you order your desk copies at the beginning of the book order process, please allow 6-8 weeks for the text to arrive. Sometimes publishers send desk copies directly to the school, but often they send them directly to the professors. Because of this, the secretary cannot know if you have received your copy, so let he or she know if you're worried about getting them in time. Lastly, publishers are now starting to enforce the rule that only one desk copy of each title can be ordered for a professor per academic year, unless the text goes up in edition.

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