EN101 Personal Essay Assignment
Project I: Personal Essay (EN101, Mockler)

Choose one of the following topics. Develop into a well-organized essay of 2-3 typewritten, double-spaced pages.

• Discuss the role of time in your religious, academic, social, work, or family life.
• Write an essay in which you imagine a day in your life without a clock or calendar (including any other electronic device that would show you the time or date).
• Discuss a personal decision that was governed by time and its consequences.
• Discuss an experience in which time or timing played a key role.
• Discuss how an event in the past has affected you in the present.

Due Monday, Jan. 28: Title, Intro paragraph that contains a thesis (underlined), and at least 3 supporting details you will include in the essay. We will discuss these in class on Monday.

Due Thursday, Jan. 31: A complete draft of the essay. Along with your name on the essay, indicate that this is “Personal Essay, Draft.”

Due Thursday, Feb. 7: Final personal essay. Along with your name, indicate that this is “Personal Essay, Final.” Also turn in your draft with the final.

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