EN101 Grading Criteria


Possible Points Draft #1 Final

Title: Interests the reader and may hint at
main impression of essay. Draws the reader in. 5

Introduction: Effectively uses an interest-
gathering technique.Continues to draw reader in. 10

Thesis Statement: clearly and effectively
states the main idea of the essay. 15

Supporting Details: 25
*Describe, explain, or prove main idea.
*Are adequate in number.
*Include specific, concrete words with details.
*Are presented in clear order.
*Use transition words or phrases.

Conclusion: Reminds reader of main idea
and makes an observation or projection
about the future. 10

Sentences: 15
*Are complete (avoid fragments and run-ons)
*Avoid comma splices.
*Are varied in structure.
*Avoid awkward phrasing.
*Clearly state what the author intends.

Grammar: 10
Avoids errors in punctuation, spelling, capi-
talization, subject-verb agreement, verb tense
shifts, point-of-view shifts, pronoun use.

Audience: Appropriate use of language and tone. 10

Total Points 100


~Susan Mockler

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