EN321 Intro and Works Cited Workshop

Introduction and Works Cited page Workshop

Bring 2 copies of an introduction (3-4 pages minimum) with Works Cited page for your final project to class on Tuesday 11/24. The more complete your draft introduction, the more complete feedback you can receive.

Be prepared to offer a brief conversational setup of your project that addresses the following questions about your research and writing process. You will be asked to compose a “writing profile” of yourself to accompany your full draft for peer review on December 1, and the following questions may help you prepare that statement.

-What are some strengths or weaknesses that you've noticed so far about your research process? (Organization of notes & sources: is this easy or difficult for you? Finding a diverse array of sources is a problem or a strength? Generating a thesis and staying on focus is a challenge, or sometimes you are too rigidly focused on your thesis?)

-What are your future research and writing plans:

a.) What types of sources, if any, would you like to find in addition to the ones you already have? What source has been most useful to you thus far?

b.) What type of feedback would you like from a peer reviewer at this point? Why? What type of feedback would be less useful to you? Why?

-Beyond this class, what have you learned from this project about your work habits, and how can you apply these lessons in your future? In other words, what did you do right during this process that you would like to replicate in future projects and what did you do wrong that you would seek to correct in the future? (Came up with an idea early on and stuck with it; needed to seek more feedback earlier in the process; got to bogged down in research and forgot to start writing, etc.)

Peer Review of Draft Introduction & Works Cited Page

Peer Reviewer Guidelines: Use the following guidelines to compose a 1 paragraph response on the back of at least 2 other papers from your writing group.

1.) What is the author's thesis at this point, and what are 3 main points of support for this thesis? Are these points reflected in a Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences?

2.) Source Use: Has their research strategy left any weaknesses in the draft? (overly focused on reporting what secondary sources say, too preoccupied with summarizing the plot of a primary source, vague or unfocused thoughts, need for clearer definitions of key terms or approaches, chaotic organization, etc.)

3.) Organization: Can you follow the logic of their paper by reading only the 1st sentence of each paragraph (if there is more than 1)? Are there certain sections of the paper that are clearer than others, with better use of examples?

4.) Have they converted their Bibliography to a Works Cited? Is it in good MLA format (use handbook if needed).

5.) Are they integrating quotations using "signal phrases" and correct MLA parenthetical citation?

Ex: Worthen argues that Ibsen creates "strong, resilient female characters" (77).

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