EN321 Final Workshop

Final Project Draft Peer Review

Group review of full draft, including Works Cited page in MLA format; Discussion of your reflection on research process.

1.) First, briefly review your writing profile (including research process) with your group.
-How did you approach your topic? Has your thesis changed or evolved as you conducted your research? How/why?

-What sources/databases/libraries did you use to find sources, and what would you do differently if you had it to do again?

-At what stage is feedback most useful to you as a writer (for example, generating ideas for topics, refining ideas & organization, final polishing of prose style, etc.), and in what format do you prefer to get feedback (written vs. oral)?

-Are there any specific points or ideas that you want feedback on in particular?

2.) Second, read the drafts from class in a "round-robin" format and take some notes for discussion on each project based on the questions below. Try to spend no more than 10 minutes per paper, thinking in terms of overall flow of concepts, integration of sources, and use of MLA format. Review a minimum of 3 other papers.

Consider the following questions as you read each draft. Take notes and feel free to mark on the drafts themselves.

a.) Is the project thesis clearly stated in the introduction? Circle or underline what you feel is the thesis. Does this thesis hold throughout the paper, or does it evolve into a slightly different thesis as the paper progresses?

b.) What textual evidence does the author use to support the thesis? Was it persuasive to you as a reader, or do you need more evidence?

c.) Can you follow the logic of the author’s argument by reading the first sentence of each paragraph (the topic sentence)? Does each paragraph discuss a subtopic of the thesis?

d.) Do major ideas contain transitions between them? Is there a sense of how the ideas in the paper relate to each other or do the ideas seem more like a string of unrelated observations?

e.) Is the author integrating source quotes and paraphrases smoothly using signal phrases and do they cite all sources used?

[Ex: Captain Shotover persuades Ellie that "…." (113)].

f.) Is the Works Cited page in MLA format, and does it match the citations used throughout the project (use the MLA handbooks to check cite format as needed).

3.) Finally, after you are done reading the projects, discuss each one as a group. To begin your discussion, let the author look over the 6 questions above and tell the group if there is any one area in particular where s/he wants particularly strong feedback. Let that launch a discussion where you can talk about any of the topics above, or move into other areas of feedback.

Remember, writing is a process that creates and evolves with its product. Feedback helps you, as a writer, make decisions about your final product's impact on the reader.

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