Dimostrazione Prompts
List three people whose mistakes you would like to avoid.

What have you learned from their mistakes?
(Gelb, “Anti-Role Model,” HTTLLDV, 93)

The mistakes I repeat are …

(Gelb, HTTLLDV Workbook, 39)

List your three favorite ads of all time.

Why did you like them?
(Gelb, HTTLLDV Workbook, 36)

Identify ten recent purchases and explore the influence of advertising in your decision to buy.

(Gelb, “Practice Internal Anticommercial Martial Arts,” HTTLLDV, 86)

Chart your life’s “Steppingstone Periods.” Write about one in detail.

(Progoff, At a Journal Workshop, 90-101)

Tell us … everything you know about Jell-O … a time you washed the dishes… a time you slept outside … a funny or odd thing that happened in or around your car … a storage unit or someplace you stored things.

(Natalie Goldberg inspired, http://extremewritingnow.com/authors/a-smorgasbord-of-memoir-prompts/)

What do you believe?
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