Contact AIR

The Academic Instructional Resources committee (2008-9) is composed of five full-time faculty members. Feel free to pass your comments and questions on to your school representative. The AIR committee typically meets the first Wednesday of the month, in the Graduate Reading Room, from 1:00-3:00pm.

Tonya Howe, Chair
Department of Language and Literature/A&S
thowe AT marymount DOT edu
x5762 (office)
443.768.1571 (cell)

Ana Lado
School of Education and Human Services
ana.lado AT marymount DOT edu

Mary Rose Amidjaya
Electronic Library Services
maryrose.amidjaya AT marymount DOT edu

Rajamma George
School of Health Professions
rgeorge AT marymount DOT edu

Donna Schaeffer
School of Business Administration
donna.schaeffer AT marymount DOT edu

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