Assignment Checklist
  • Explained why students are doing this writing assignment (learning goal)
  • Built in some REFLECTION to measure this understanding
  • Specified audience (professor, class, potential employer, DISCOVER research conference, high school students, etc.)
  • Specified topic and purpose (inform, persuade, entertain, etc.)
  • Explained task
  • Described intellectual work (e.g. “first summarize, then predict…”)
  • Described requirements (type & number of resources, word count, paper format)
  • Presented a model (student or “professional”) while pointing out successful features (e.g. “notice the use of subheads”)
  • Identified resources, such as Web sites, the LRC, Smarthinking, the course’s library instructor, fellow students, etc.
  • Suggested (or mandated) due dates for components of long paper
  • Required drafts (all to be collected—thwarts plagiarism)
  • Discussed evaluation
  • Prioritized values (e.g. creativity, use of evidence)
  • Collaborated with class on making rubric
  • Shared rubric
  • Made this available in writing and/or on video
  • Gave students opportunity to review assignment and ask questions in class
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