Marymount has several available tools for assessment and feedback, some of which are online; many rely on email or phone calls.

IT Feedback

Use the online ITS E-Classroom Request/Feedback Form to both request and offer feedback on your classroom technology.

Library Feedback

The Library has an online Suggestion Box where you can easily give feedback.

University Facilities and Conference Center Requests

There is no online tool for feedback or scheduling. If you've used a room requested through the Conference Center and wish to provide feedback, you should call the Director of the Conference Center at (703) 284-1540, send a note through campus mail, or send an email to the Director (ude.tnuomyram|ytsenoe#ude.tnuomyram|ytsenoe). You can also drop by in person. The Conference Center is located in Rowley Hall on the lobby level adjacent to the Office of the President. It is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Ballston Office is located on the first floor next to the dining facility; the Ballston phone number is (703) 284-5909.

Physical Plant and Housekeeping

Physical Plant provides facilities and technical support to University departments by maintaining, repairing, and improving the buildings and grounds. They have printable work order forms that you can use for requests, and you can call them at (703) 284-1529.

There is no online tool for feedback or immediate scheduling. If you have suggestions or need to request housekeeping,classroom, or office maintenance, however, you should go through your Associate Dean to request their help.

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