Arte Scienza Corporalita Prompts
Morning pages

—3, longhand, stream of consciousness.

Mind map something you’re reading and want to remember.
On each of seven small strips of paper write a word: alcohol, drugs, sex, work, money, food, family/friends.

Fold and put in an envelope. “We call these folded slips the deadlies.” Draw one and write five ways in which this has had a negative impact on your life.
(Cameron, “Recovering a Sense of Self-Protection,” The Artist’s Way, 175)

Name your dream.

Then describe what would signal that you’ve made it. For instance, perhaps you want to be a political player in Washington. Perhaps the signal would be an invitation to a state dinner.
(Cameron, “Recovering a Sense of Strength,” The Artist’s Way, 147)

With your nondominant hand, write your name.

Then the alphabet. Then basic shapes. Try signing your name with both hands at the same time.
(Gelb, HTTLLDV Workbook, 133-134)

Write a thank-you letter to your body.
Draw a picture of your body.

(Gelb, HTTLLDV Workbook, 123)

Try journaling right after a meal about the sensual experience of the meal and how your body feels.

Mindful eating. Many food journals are focused on keeping track of what’s going in the maw in order to count calories.

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